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Cool Inventions: What are the most Cool inventions of all time? The word "Cool" is an often used expression of approval, that something is very good, interesting and fun. Our list of cool inventions provides some interesting facts and information about unique and some unusual discoveries and innovations through the ages and around the world.

Cool Inventions: So what invention do you think is the "best thing since sliced bread?" Come to that who invented sliced bread?  The American inventor Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented the first bread slicing machine in 1928. The popular phrase was used as a highly successful advertising slogan for Wonder Bread meaning that something is the best, coolest invention for a long time. Our list of Cool inventions were greeted with similar degrees of enthusiasm and many were greeted as the "greatest thing since sliced bread".


Cool Inventions: This website contains comprehensive lists of famous Inventors and the coolest Inventions detailing the names of hundreds of inventors together with their cool inventions, when they were invented and their purpose.

Cool Inventions at home and around the house: Some of the greatest, coolest inventions were also the simplest and improved the ease and convenience of humble household items. Some examples of cool Inventions at home and around the house include the Air Conditioner (1902), Can Opener (1858), Dishwasher (1887), Electric stove (1915), Electric iron (1882), Ironing Board (1892), the Microwave Oven (1945), the Flushing Toilet (1870), lockstitch Sewing Machine (1846), Vacuum Cleaner (1860) and the Electric Washing Machine (1907). The invention of a form of Soap goes back thousands of years and was made c. 2200 BC when the ancient Mesopotamians made soap by mixing animal fats with wood ash and water. The invention of scissors was made by the ancient Mesopotamians c. 4000 BC.

Cool Drinking Inventions: The drinking inventions throughout the ages include the Ancient Chinese invention of Tea c. 2737 BC. The Chinese are also credited with the invention of Alcohol  c. 2000 BC. The invention of Beer and brewing goes back even further to Mesopotamia c. 5000 BC. On the subject of drinks Marvin C. Stone is credited with the invention of the Drinking Straw in 1888. The British inventor Joseph Priestley invented Soda in 1767. Pepsi was invented in 1893. In more modern times the American inventor Dr. J. Robert Cade invented Gatorade in 1965. Cool Drinking Inventions!

Cool Food Inventions: Cool food inventions include the following: The English inventor Joseph Fry invented Candy in 1847. Ruth Graves Wakefield invented the Chocolate Chip Cookie in 1938. John Harvey Kellogg invented cornflakes in 1895. Clarence Birdseye is credited with the invention of the Frozen Food in 1922. Charlie Nagreen invented the Hamburger in 1885 and Charles Feltman invented the Hot Dog in 1867. James Mease invented Ketchup in 1812. Pizza was invented in 1889, Peanut Butter in 1884 and the humble Sandwich was invented in 1762. Cool Inventions relating to food!

Cool Inventions  of the Renaissance: The Cool inventions during the Renaissance  included the pocket watch (1510), the Telescope (1608), Microscope (1595) , the adding machine (1642) and the Barometer (1643). Cool inventions during the latter part of the Renaissance era included the Piano (1700), thermometer (1710) , the Franklin stove (1742), the Lightning rod (1752), the Hot Air Balloon (1783) and the process of vaccination was invented in 1798.

Cool Inventions by students: Cool inventions by students are few and far between, but the most notable in modern times is the invention of the "Hollow Flashlight" by Canadian inventor Ann (Andini) Makosinski who invented her cool invention  while she was still at High School.

Cool Car Inventions: Our list of cool car inventions has to start with the Karl Benz invention of the first gasoline car in 1886. Henry Ford made the car accessible to millions when he launched the Ford Model T car in 1908 which he made affordable using the Assembly Line system invented by Ransom E. Olds in 1901. The invention of Bullet Proof Glass was made in 1903 and Mary Anderson invented the Windshield Wiper in 1903. The First power steering system was invented in 1926, Television, Flashing turn signals in 1935, air conditioning was added in 1939, Airbags were introduced in the 1970s and we are now seeing ultra cool Google Driverless Cars.

Cool Inventions during the Industrial Revolution: The cool inventions during the Industrial Revolution (1700 - 1850) included the first modern Steam Engine by James Watt (1769) and the and the first steam locomotive engine for railways by George Stephenson (1814). Other great  inventions of the Industrial Revolution were the first mechanical Computer, Braille (1824) and  anaesthesia (1846). Refer to 100 Cool Industrial Revolution Inventions from A to Z.

Cool Inventions of the First US Industrial Revolution: The many Cool Inventions invented during the First US Industrial Revolution (1700 - 1850) included the Horse Car (1832), the railroad, the Telegraph and Morse Code (1838) and Vulcanized Rubber (1839). Other cool inventions of the industrial revolution are the Steamboat (1791), Cotton Gin (1793), Mechanical Reaper (1831), Photography (1834) and the Steel Plow (1837). Refer to First US Industrial Revolution Cool Inventions.

Cool Inventions of the Second US Industrial Revolution: The Second US Industrial Revolution (1850 - 1914) brought numerous cool inventions such as the Bessemer Process (Steel) (1855), the Refrigerator (1876), Electric Light (1879), the Typewriter (1867), Skyscrapers, the Elevator (1852), the Radio (1895), the Telephone (1876), Motion Pictures (1878), and the Automobile (1889). Refer to  Cool Inventions of the Second Industrial Revolution.

Cool Inventions of the 1940's: The cool inventions of the 1940's included the first vaccines were developed for influenza and polio, the credit card was invented in 1950, supersonic flight (1946), the first electronic computer (1946), the transistor (1947), Cable television (1948), Radiocarbon dating (1947) and the atomic clock was invented in 1949.

Cool Inventions of the 1950's: The cool inventions of the 1950's included the pacemaker (1958), the teleprompter (1952), the wetsuit (1852) and the automatic sliding door (1954). Other cool inventions included the first industrial robot (1954) and the "Pill" was invented in 1960. The world's first artificial satellites (Sputnik I and Sputnik 2) were invented and so was the creation of nuclear fusion.

Cool Inventions of the 1960's: The cool inventions of the 1960's included the first Laser, Global navigation satellite GPS systems, the computer mouse, the word processor, hypertext, the laser printer and the cordless telephone. But the coolest inventions culminated when man walked on the moon.

Cool Inventions of the 1970's: The Cool inventions of the 1970's included the first vaccine for rubella, the microprocessor, the Internet, E-Mail, the Floppy Disk, Ethernet, the Cell Phone, personal computers, voicemail Other cool inventions included the first digital camera, CAT-Scans and the "MODEM".

Cool Inventions of the 1980's: The Cool inventions of the 1980's included the Space Shuttle, Compact Discs (CD's), the Camcorder, the Cell Phone, LASIK and DNA Fingerprinting.

Cool Inventions of the 1990's: The Cool inventions of the 1990's began with the invention of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee. The webcam and the first Smartphone were invented as was Digital TV. The invention of laptops and PDAs (personal digital assistants) followed. The iPod was invented by Apple and the Electric Car were also invented during the 1990's.

Cool Inventions of the 2000's: The Cool inventions of the 2000's included the Xbox was invented by Microsoft and released on November 15, 2001. The other cool innovations of the 2000's included the introduction of Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Steve Jobs at Apple invented the iPhone in 2007. It feels as though these cool inventions have been around forever, so firmly are they established in our world of technology. Perhaps the exception is the Hendo Hoverboard, a levitating skateboard invented by Greg Henderson in 2014 - what can be cooler than going Back to the Future and traveling around on a Marty McFly hoverboard!

Cool Inventions: We hope that this article on Cool inventions has been interesting. What other cool inventions would you have included in this article?

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