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Renaissance Inventions: The Renaissance (1300 to 1700's) was a period following the late Middle Ages which saw a rebirth of the arts, culture, science and learning. One of the greatest inventions of this era was the Mariner's astrolabe. Other inventions included the pocket watch, ether, the pendulum, the telescope, microscope, the adding machine and the Barometer. Famous Renaissance inventors included Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Da Vinci, Evangelista Torricelli and Gerardus Mercator.

Italian Renaissance Inventions: Our list contains important Italian Renaissance Inventions and inventors. The Renaissance era began in Italy signaling the end of the Middle Ages and the start of new ways of thinking. The Renaissance was a cultural rebirth that began a transitional movement across Europe and the rise of the modern world. 


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Italian Renaissance Inventions and Inventors - Leonardo Da Vinci:  The greatest and most prolific of all Renaissance Inventors and Inventions was Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Leonardo da Vinci was a genius who possessed great imagination and ingenuity. He used his artistic talents to produce sketches and working models of his many Italian Renaissance inventions. The Renaissance Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci included sketches of a submarine, a diving suit, a helicopter, an airplane, a parachute, an armored car, a giant crossbow, robotic knight, a steam cannon, a crane, electricity generators, a bicycle, the first mechanical calculator, ball bearings and a gun array and a treadmill machine gun.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Flying Machines: In 1505 Leonardo da Vinci began making plans and producing sketches for flying machines including an airplane, a helicopter and a light hang glider. One of his inventions was called the Ornithopter, a human powered flying machine, that created a flapping motion similar to that of a bird. He also designed retractable landing gear and the first parachute.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - War Machines: Leonardo da Vinci made various inventions relating to machines of war, such as an armored car, a giant crossbow, a steam cannon, a tank, a gun array and a treadmill machine gun.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Grinding Machine: In 1519 Leonardo da Vinci invented a machine for grinding Convex Lenses and mirrors.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Ball Bearing: The invention of the Ball Bearing was made 1500 by Leonardo da Vinci. The invention of Ball bearings was extremely important and can still be found today in any machine that has rotary motion such as the fan cooling the CPU in your Laptop or PC.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Spring driven vehicle: This invention by Leonardo da Vinci was not quite a car, but it did have seats for passengers. The vehicle had to be wound up before it would move and is the first self propelled vehicle in history.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Robotic Knight: Leonardo Da Vinci invented one of the first programmable robots that he called a Robotic Knight.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Anemometer: Genoa born inventor Leon Battista Alberti invented a wind speed measuring device called the anemometer in 1450

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Violin: The Italian inventor and musician Andrea Amati is credited with the invention of the Violin in 1542.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Piano: The Italian inventor, musician and maker of musical instruments Bartolomeo Cristofori is credited with the invention of the Piano c.1709.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Pendulum: The Pendulum was invented by Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) in 1581.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Water Thermometer: Galileo Galilei invented the water thermometer in 1593.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Barometer: The Italian inventor and physicist Evangelista Torricelli (1608 1647) is credited with the invention of the Barometer in 1643.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Gunner's Quadrant: Nicolo Tartaglia invented the gunner's quadrant for aiming cannon and the first firing tables in 1537.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Gregorian calendar: In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII invented the modern, Gregorian calendar.

Italian Renaissance Inventions - Robotic mandolin-playing automaton: In 1540 Gianello Toriano (1527 c. 1608) invented a mandolin-playing automaton, in the form of a robotic mandolin-playing lady

Renaissance Inventions - Microscope: The Dutch inventor, spectacle-maker and optician Zacharias Janssen is credited with the invention of the Microscope in 1595.

Renaissance Inventions - Flying Robot: The English inventor,  mathematician and astronomer John Dee (13 July 1527 c. 1608) invented a wooden beetle that could fly that was one of the first robots ever made.

Renaissance Inventions - Submarine: The first successful Submarine was built in 1620 by Cornelis Drebbel (1572 - 1633), a Dutch "court inventor" for King James I of England.

Renaissance Inventions - Calculator: The French inventor Blaise Pascal is credited with the invention of the Calculator adding machine in 1642.

Renaissance Inventions - Knitting Machine: The English inventor William Lee invented a knitting machine in 1589.

Renaissance Inventions - Toilet: Sir John Harington invented the Flushing Toilet in England for Queen Elizabeth I.

Renaissance Inventions - Frozen Chicken: Francis Bacon invented the frozen chicken in 1593.

Renaissance Inventions - Telescope: The first Telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey (c1570 - c1619) and was introduced to astronomy in 1609 by Galileo Galilei.

Renaissance Inventions - Mercator Projection: Gerardus Mercator (151294) the Flemish cartographer invented the system of projection (Mercator projection) in which lines of longitude and latitude, appear as straight, parallel lines.

Renaissance Inventions - Ether: Ether was invented by the German inventor Valerius Cordus (1515 - 1544) in 1540.

Renaissance Inventions - Ironclad warship: The Japanese inventor and warlord Oda Nobunaga (1534 - 1582) invented an Ironclad warship in 1576.

Renaissance Inventions - Slide rule: The English mathematician and inventor William Oughtred (1574 - 1660) invented Slide rule in 1576.

Renaissance Inventions - Vacuum pump: The German inventor Otto von Guericke (1602 - 1686) invented the Pressure cooker in 1679.

Renaissance Inventions - Pendulum Clock: The Dutch mathematician, scientist, astronomer and diplomat Christiaan Huygens invented the Pendulum Clock in 1656.

Renaissance Inventions - Pressure Cooker: The French inventor Denis Papin (1647 - 1713) invented the Pressure cooker in 1679.

Renaissance Inventions - Pocket watch: The Pocket watch was invented by German locksmith and clockmaker Peter Henlein (1485 - 1542) in 1510.

Renaissance Inventions List: Renaissance Inventions list: Flying Machines *** War Machines *** Ball Bearings *** Grinding Machine *** Spring driven vehicle *** Robotic Knight *** Anemometer *** Violin *** Piano *** Pendulum *** Water Thermometer *** Barometer *** Gunner's Quadrant *** Gregorian calendar *** Robotic mandolin-playing automaton *** Microscope *** Flying Robot *** Calculator *** Knitting Machine *** Toilet *** Frozen Chicken *** Telescope *** Mercator Projection *** Ether *** Ironclad warship *** Slide rule *** Vacuum pump *** Pressure Cooker *** Pocket watch *** Submarine *** List of Renaissance Inventions ***

Renaissance Inventions: The later Renaissance Inventions (1600 and 1700's), also referred to as the Early Modern Period, included the Piano which was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1700 and thermometer that was invented by Rene Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur. Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove, bi-focals and the Lightning rod. The Parachute was invented by Jean Pierre Blanchard and the Montgolfier brothers invented the Hot Air Balloon. vaccination was invented by Edward Jenner.

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