When was school invented? As kids we have all asked that question at some time or another! Well, this is the story of schools! Historians tend to agree that the first schools were established by the Mesopotamians and the Ancient Egyptians between c. 2900 BC to c. 3100 BC.

Who invented School? No specific person has ever been credited with the invention of School, the names of the inventors have been lost over time.

Why was School invented? The ancient civilizations of the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians had developed complex lifestyles living in major cities with centralized economies. It became impossible to keep count and remember all the amounts of grain, sheep and cattle entering or leaving their grain stores and farms. Records were needed that did not rely on memory and so early forms of picture-based text were invented to keep accounts. As time passed these early forms of writing were standardized and their meanings had to be taught - schools were established to pass on this new type of knowledge giving birth to formal education and schools.


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Definition of School: School is defined as an educational establishment of learning and instruction where people, most usually children, acquire knowledge.

Fact File: Who invented School? Invention: Schools *** Date of Invention: c. 2900 BC to c. 3100 BC *** Name of Inventor: Unknown *** Category: Education *** Country of Origin: Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt *** The Invention of Schools *** For additional facts and information refer to the article on Who Invented Homework.

Fact 1: Who invented School? The name of the inventor of School is unknown but school is believed to have been invented c. 3100 BC during the Ancient Egyptian Early Dynastic Period (3100 - 2686 BCE) and the Ancient Mesopotamians c. 2900 BC.

Fact 2: Who invented School? The Mesopotamians The Ancient Mesopotamians of the southern Sumer region of Mesopotamia developed the earliest form of writing called "Cuneiform" c. 2900 BC using wedge shaped marks to make picture symbols on clay tablets. The Sumerians established  the 'Scribe School' for their priests to learn record-keeping.

Fact 3: Who invented School? The Ancient Egyptians A formal school system of education was invented c. 3100 BC by the Ancient Egyptians during the Early Dynastic Period (3100 - 2686 BCE) of invention. The establishment of the Ancient Egyptian schools was made feasible with the invention of the ancient writing form known as hieroglyphics and the invention of papyrus for writing.

Fact 4: Who invented School? Prior to the invention of a type of structured school as we know it by the Mesopotamians and the Ancient Egyptians c. 2900 BC to c. 3100 BC, knowledge was informally passed from father to son or from a craftsman to a novice.

Fact 5: Who invented School? The Ancient Egyptians developed the form of writing called hieroglyphics. The first hieroglyphics were used to keep accounts and to mark the names of pharaohs on their tombs, on obelisks  and in other important structures.

Fact 6: Who invented School? The invention of papyrus c. 3000 BC as an easily portable substance to write on. Men began to commit their learning to papyrus scrolls and these were kept in libraries. It was imperative that the next generations were able to read and write hieroglyphics or all of this learning would be lost. And the first schools were invented.

Fact 7: Who invented School? As the Ancient Egyptians acquired more skills, especially in the fields of technology and medicine, the idea of schools was invented. The ancient Egyptian god Thoth was the ibis-headed god of knowledge, magic and wisdom. His consort, Seshat, was the goddess of writing and the "Mistress of the House of Books". Thoth was believed to have created a great library of scrolls containing all of his knowledge.

Fact 8: Who invented School? The priests of Thoth were taught at a great school of learning at Hermopolis called the Great Temple of Thoth. Students at the great seat of learning at Hermopolis had a curriculum where their course of study covered a variety of subjects including reading, writing, law, music, astrology, geography, medicine, mathematics and measures.

Fact 9: Who invented School? Other great civilizations such as the ancient Chinese, Mesopotamians, Greeks and Romans developed their own forms of writing and paper. And it became necessary to introduce schools to pass on their knowledge to the next generations. To this day we still use the same weights and measures that were invented by the Romans such as the mile, pounds and ounces.

Fact 10: Who invented School? The advent of Christianity and the establishment of monasteries during the Dark Ages spread the invention of school to the different  countries in Europe. Books were all hand written and extremely expensive.

Fact 11: Who invented School? In 1440 the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg had a profound influence on the lives of people, producing cheap books, pamphlets, and other printed materials. The invention of the printing press enabled  knowledge and ideas to be spread to vast amounts of people.

Fact 12: Who invented School? The printing press had enormous implications for education and the invention of schools as educational establishments of learning and instruction was firmly established as a place where children could acquire knowledge.

Fact 13: Who invented School? Although the idea of a school based system of education had been established it was generally only available to the children of wealthy, upper class families and the nobility who were usually tutored at home. The establishment of schools for the less wealthy began to be established.

Fact 14: Who invented School? During the Medieval period of the Elizabethan era most elementary level of education was conducted for boys aged between 5 - 7 at what was called ' Petty Schools' where basic lessons on reading and writing were given in the house of the teacher. Children from the age of 7 to 14 went to Grammar Schools where they were taught Latin, Greek, literature, arithmetic and religious education.

Fact 15: Who invented School? The Elizabethan Grammar Schools were extremely strict, with long hours of study. The school day started at six o'clock in the morning and finished at five o'clock in the evening, with a two hour break at midday. The school boys week consisted of a five full days and a half-day for between 40 - 44 weeks of the year. The school boys spent at least 2,000 hours in school – more than double the modern school hours. Girls were not considered important enough to warrant a school education. The education of the vast majority of girls consisted of housewifely duties and occasionally music and dance.

Fact 16: Who invented School? Education at the Elizabethan school was highly regimented. On Mondays there were examinations on the content of the previous Sunday’s religious sermon and from Tuesday to Thursday the school taught the basic curriculum. Friday was the worst day of the week consisting of Examinations and Punishments. On Saturdays school lessons consisted of the study of the catechism and some arithmetic.

Fact 17: Who invented School? Punishments at the school were fierce and 50 strokes of the cane was a regular occurrence.

Fact 18: Who invented School? The late years of the Industrial Revolution began to create a demand for the end of child labor in the factories and a call for education of the masses. In the early 1800's laws were passed to establish a state system of education. In 1880, the law said that all children, including girls, aged 5 to 10 must go to primary school.

Fact 19: Who invented School? In 1899 the school leaving age was raised to 12 in Great Britain which was raised to 14 in 1917. The leaving age was eventually raised to 16 in 1973.

Fact 20: Who invented School? The history and invention of School is interesting and we hope that the facts in this article have provided the answers to all of your questions.

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