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Mesopotamian Inventions -  What did the Mesopotamians invent? The ancient Mesopotamians lived in a region of the Middle East that produced multiple civilizations and empires. Many of the amazing discoveries and important inventions of the Mesopotamians were adopted by other cultures and without doubt changed the world. Famous Mesopotamian Inventions included the chariot, the potter's wheel, the calendar, the plow, glass, irrigation and the sailboat and many, many more.

Mesopotamian Inventions -  Who were the Inventors? The Mesopotamian inventions were made by inventors from a number of Ancient Eastern civilizations who inhabited the lands of Mesopotamia that flourished c. 5000-3500 BC. These ancient civilizations included the Sumerians, the Hebrews, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians and the Greeks. The names of the great, ancient Mesopotamian inventors are unknown, lost over time, but their famous inventions will always be remembered.


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Mesopotamian Inventions - Where was Mesopotamia located? Definition: Mesopotamia was located in the Middle East in western Asia in the basin of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The majority of the ancient land of Mesopotamia is now modern day Iraq, and the remaining lands part of Syria and Turkey.

Mesopotamian Inventions - What does Mesopotamia mean?  The word 'Mesopotamia' originates from the Ancient Greek word 'mesopotamos' derived from  'mesos' meaning "middle"  and 'potamos' meaning "river", literally meaning "a country between two rivers".

Mesopotamian Inventions - Who were the Mesopotamians? Definition: The people known as Mesopotamians consisted of several ancient civilizations who founded one of the most important cultural centers in the ancient East. The Sumerian culture emerged c. 4000 B.C. in Sumer located in the south of Mesopotamia. The north of Mesopotamia was the original home of the ancestors of the Hebrews (Genesis 11; Acts 7:2) and later became the base of the Assyrian Empire.  The state of Babylonia formed in southern Mesopotamia beginning the Babylonian Empire (aka the Chaldean Empire). The Babylonians were conquered by the Greeks under Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C.

List of Mesopotamian Inventions: Mesopotamian inventions List: Wheel *** Potter's Wheel *** Chariot *** Helmets and Body Armor *** Lead Sling Bullets *** Maps *** Writing *** Written Music *** Ard (Wooden Plow) *** Irrigation *** Sailboat *** Walled Cities *** Towns and Urbanization *** Seals *** Siege Weapons *** Coins *** Stylus *** Glass *** Shoes *** Soap *** Marriage *** Math *** Toothbrush *** Astronomy and Astrology *** Zodiac *** Calendar *** Checkers *** Beer *** List of Mesopotamian Inventions ***

Mesopotamian Inventions - Towns and Urbanization: The earliest development of Towns and Urbanization is credited to the ancient Mesopotamians, influencing the way of life and culture of the population. The main inventions and achievements of civilization are associated with towns and cities.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Walled Cities (7500 BC): The invention of the Walled Cities is credited to the Mesopotamians due to the archaeological findings at Fortress and Moat walled city of Catalhoyuk Hakat.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Beer (c. 5000 BC): The invention of Beer and brewing was made c. 3000 BC and is one of the oldest beverages produced by humans. Ninkasi was the name of the Sumerian goddess of brewing and beer. The Mesopotamians also invented the first straw to drink their beer.

Mesopotamian Inventions - The Wheel (c.3500 BC): The Mesopotamian  invention of the Wheel was made c.3500 BC which had a massive impact on transportation and the invention of the mechanical device known as the potter's wheel.    

Mesopotamian Inventions - Potter's Wheel (c.3500 BC): The Mesopotamian invention of the stone Potter's Wheel was made c.3500 BC. The Potter's Wheel was a mechanical device consisting of a turning wheel that was rotated by kicking the flywheel with the foot which left both hands free to create and shape the pot. The invention of the Potter's Wheel provided a means to create pottery in a symmetrical shape with speed and efficiency.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Baker's Oven (c. 4000 BC): The invention of the Baker's Oven was made c. 4000 BC and provided the Babylonians of Mesopotamia with supplies of flatbreads.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Chariot (c. 3200 BC): The invention of the Chariot was made c. 3200 BC and led to important changes in warfare techniques providing the elements of speed and surprise when attacking the enemy, one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Lead Sling Bullets (c. 3200): The Mesopotamian invention of the Lead Sling Bullets, oval shaped, pointed projectile weapons, were designed to spin through the air like a bullet. The ancient Mesopotamian armies supplied their slingers with these uniform projectiles to increase the range and penetration ability of their sling weapons, one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Helmets and Body Armor (c. 2500 BC): The invention of new types of combat Helmets and Body Armor was made c. 2500 BC to reduce injuries when riding chariots at high speed and to protect soldiers during battles.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Siege Weapons (c. 2500 - 2000 BC BC): The development and invention of the Siege Weapons were made c. 2500 - 2000 BC. The Assyrians were particularly adept at using siege weapons such as battering rams, scaling ladders  and siege towers. Some of the siege weapons were mounted on wheels.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Coins (2400 BC): The Mesopotamian invention of Coins, using precious metals, was made 2400 BC as a form of money.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Writing (c. 2900 BC): The invention of the Writing and the first Alphabet was made c. 2900 BC by Sumerians who developed the first form of writing called "Cuneiform" that used wedge shaped marks to make picture symbols on clay tablets that led to the invention of the Alphabet, one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Written Music (c. 2000 BC): The ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia invented the earliest form of musical notation (written music) has been discovered on a cuneiform tablet that was created in about 2000 BC.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Stylus (c. 2900 BC): The Mesopotamian invention of the Stylus, an ancient writing tool, was made c. 2900 BC. The stylus was made from a reed and used by scribes to make wedge shaped symbols on the clay tablets they used for writing.

Mesopotamian Inventions - School (c. 2900 BC): The invention of school in c. 2900 BC was introduced to educate scribes in the ancient writing of  Cuneiform in order to keep records and accounts of the movement of Temple grain and the numbers of cattle and sheep.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Abacus (c. 27002300 BC): The ancient Mesopotamians of Sumeria are credited with the invention of the Abacus c.27002300 BC.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Seals (c. 2900 BC): The invention of the Cylinder Seals used an engraved stone cylinder  to create a seal or signature on clay tablets. 

Mesopotamian Inventions - Maps (c. 2300 BC): The Mesopotamian invention of Maps was made c. 2300 BC to document small Cities, military campaign plans and trade routes, one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Ard (Wooden Plow) - c. 2300 BC: The invention of the Ard, a Wooden Plow consisting of a simple spike dragged through the soil by oxen was made c. 2300 BC and provided a massive improvement to farming techniques and increasing food supplies.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Irrigation (c. 3000 BC): The Mesopotamian invention of Irrigation in c. 3000 BC provided a system of watering crops using a network of man-made ditches and canals, one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Sailboat (c. 1300 BC): The invention of the Sailboat was made c. 1300 BC in order to improve transportation across the Tigris and Euphrates reducing the effort required to propel boats by using wind power.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Glass (c. 2500 BC): The Mesopotamian invention of the Glass was made c. 2500 BC and initially took the form of glazes used for coating stone beads, one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Shoes (c. 1600 BC): The invention of the Shoes and boots (as opposed to sandals) was made c. 1600 BC to cover the whole of the foot.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Soap (c. 2200 BC): The invention of a form of Soap was made c. 2200 BC by mixing animal fats with wood ash and water. It was later improved by mixing ashes, cypress extracts and sesame oil.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Marriage (c. 2350 BC): The invention of the Marriage as a legal binding agreement was made c. 2350 BC.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Math (c. 3500 BC): The invention and development of the Mathematics is credited to the  Sumerians and Babylonians of Mesopotamia c. 3500 BC by assigning symbols to groups of objects to make the description of larger numbers easier, one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Toothbrush (c. 3500 BC): The invention of the Toothbrush was made in c. 3500 BC in the form of chewing sticks as an oral hygiene aid and were made from the branches of the Salvadora persica tree that contains a number of medically beneficial properties including abrasives, antiseptics and fluoride.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Checkers (c. 3000 BC): The invention of the board game Checkers was made c. 3000 BC. Clay was used to create the board and pieces.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Scissors (c. 4000 BC): The invention of Scissors in c. 3000 BC was a useful tool used by the Mesopotamians, one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Lock and key (c. 2000 BC): The invention of the Lock and key in c. 2000 BC.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Astronomy and Astrology (c. 2000-3000 BC): The invention of Astronomy and Astrology is credited to the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia and developed by the Babylonians and Assyrians who studied the orientation of the constellations to mark seasons for harvesting or sowing crops.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Zodiac (c. 2000-3000 BC): The invention of the Zodiac, credited to the Babylonians, marked the twelve constellations that the sun, moon, and planets travel between during their movements through the sky, using the degree system to distinguish positions in the heavens. Mesopotamian astronomers divided a day into 12 hours and every hour was divided into 30 "time degrees", one of the awesome Mesopotamian inventions.

Mesopotamian Inventions - Calendar (c.1500 BC): The Mesopotamian calendar was primarily lunar, and the months began with the first sighting of the waxing crescent moon on the western horizon. Each month was either 29 or 30 days long, and the year was approximately 354 days long.

Mesopotamian Inventions: All of the above inventions have been credited to the Ancient Mesopotamians, however there is evidence that other civilizations, such as the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese independently invented similar items at much the same time. Due to the lack of written documentation it is impossible to apply an exact date to specific inventions and difficult to state with any certainty who was the first civilization to make the invention. 

List of Ancient Mesopotamian Inventions: Inventions List: Wheel *** Chariot *** Mesopotamian inventions *** Helmets and Body Armor *** Irrigation *** Maps *** Potter's Wheel *** Writing *** Written Music *** Sailboat *** Mesopotamian inventions *** Walled Cities *** Astronomy and Astrology *** Towns and Urbanization *** Mesopotamian inventions *** Siege Weapons *** Stylus *** Glass *** Shoes *** Toothbrush *** Mesopotamian inventions *** Soap *** Marriage *** Math *** Mesopotamian inventions *** Lead Sling Bullets *** Zodiac *** Coins *** Calendar *** Checkers *** Ard (Wooden Plow) *** Beer *** Seals *** List of Mesopotamian Inventions *** 

Ancient Mesopotamian Inventions: We hope that the facts in this article have provided the answers to all of your questions about Mesopotamian Inventions and their inventors.

Modern History of Mesopotamia: Mesopotamia was conquered by the Tartars (Seljuk Turks) and then the Mongols during the Middle Ages. In the early 16th century Mesopotamia  became part of the Ottoman Empire until 1918. After WW1 most of Mesopotamia became part of Iraq, and the remaining lands part of Syria and Turkey.

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